The Gym


Caliber Boxing

The gym is a total of 158m2 located in Burleigh Gardens industrial area.

Our boxing equipment & facilities includes:

Overhead speedball

2 floor to ceiling Balls

8 heavy bags

Mirrors for visual learning

Strength training area

Boxing gloves for members to use

Toilet and shower facilities


The Gym

We have an area designated for strength training with all the essentials for weighted and body weight training.

Our training equipment includes:

Squat rack, Back extension

Vertical/Horizontal pull down/row machine


Chin bar

Olympic bars

Bumper plates

You are welcome to use our gym facilities at any time during opening hours.


Boxing Class

Technical & Tactical

This class that will give you insights and systems on how to develop your Boxing ability and competence.

Kids Boxing Class

45 minute class

The kids class is aimed to create a fun and positive training environment for the kids, where they will interact with each other and their coach to develop their confidence and skill.

Sparring Class

practical application

Sparring is a live-action simulation of a real fight. The purpose of sparring is to prepare you for boxing and fight competitions but is also a great way to put into practice what you learnt during the classes.

what to expext when

Training at Caliber?

I started Caliber Boxing with the intent to Build a Gym focused on a fun and educational culture where members come to and learn authentic boxing techniques with attentive and informative coaches.

Coming to a class at Caliber you can expect to have truckloads of fun, brief, debrief discussions, learn, improve, progress and interact with like-minded individuals focused on personal growth and simply being the best version of oneself.

The Culture at Caliber is inviting, warm and cohesive.

The Culture

The Culture that is set at Caliber would be defined as inviting, warm and cohesive. Our gym members will not hesitate to introduce themselves to new members and make them feel welcomed into our vibrant community.

Members who are new to the Art of Boxing will receive a great amount of support from their peers and coaches throughout classes, where questions and queries are highly encouraged from all members.

Experienced Boxers can expect to be guided on the right path to make fast and noticeable improvements in their overall Boxing ability as well as Flexibility, Speed, Strength and Endurance.

Boxing Coaches

Meet The Team

Liam Keats

Liam Keats

Head Boxing Coach / Owner

Kalani Nunez

Kalani Nunez

Coach Assistant


Happy Customers

Train with the best experts in the boxing field.

Liam's knowledge of boxing and human movement is exceptional. He is a great communicator, especially when breaking things down to simple building blocks and how they help to further progression.
He has unique plans for each of his clients, dependent on their goals.
We also check in outside of our sessions (via text, etc) to make sure we get the most out of our face-to-face time.

Jakob Phillips

Awesome gym in a great location with a warm and welcoming vibe! The owner Liam is an exceptional Technical boxing coach and works alongside with Tye the Physical preparation coach, A Dream Team for any athlete!
Both are really nice professional guys

Renee Petersen