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Liam Keats

Liam Keats

Head Boxing Coach / Owner


I have been involved with Boxing on the Gold Coast for the last 10 years and started my journey walking into a Local Boxing gym at 17 years old, picking up the gloves for the first time I loved it! After I had experienced for myself what happpens inside the ropes, I Discovered a passion for Coaching the general public and athletes. I spend much of my spare time looking for anwsers within athletic preparation and many of those questions have been anwsered since studying in the King Sports Internation coach education program under the guidence of Ian King. 

My Role as the Head Coach/Owner is, but not limited to,  first and most importantly provide a dedicated service to every client and athlete that enters our doors. Plan, manage and execute class structures. Get honest and unprovoked feedback from clients and athletes about our overall service. Design Personalised programs for members and athletes. Provide honest advice regarding nutrition and the use of suppliments.

We are aspiring to provide a better service than any other competitors in the Boxing industry taking an individualised approach to Athletic Preparation. 

Every class at Caliber is different to the one before it but will still show continuity from previous classes to maximise Progress. I take the time to spend with EVERY member within that class to provide guidance on achieving a better technical model and reaching the clients personal goals with a holistic approach.                                            

Along my journey in the Boxing industry, I have had opportunities to work with Amateur and Professional Athletes here on the Gold Coast. I aim to simply get better every day as a coach building my experience brick by brick and delivering a Personable, Transparent and Educational coaching service.

The influence of this approach comes from studying under Ian King through the King Sports International Program, A Holistic Coach Education Program for Physical and Athletic Preparation Coaches guiding them how to provide a high-quality service for athletes and Clients.

The KSI (King Sports International) way of training is very different from common trends and training methods and is a great way to train if you wish to consistently improve, progress and thrive. This is Why we Model Ian King’s Training Philosophies, its buts the athletes and clients first, not the coaches ego.

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