boxing classes on the Gold Coast

Our Boxing classes on the Gold Coast

Boxing Technical & Circuit Class

At Caliber Boxing, our Mixed Boxing Class is a standout among boxing classes on the Gold Coast. We kick things off with a group warm-up drill/game, followed by a pre-training stretch, ensuring you’re ready to dive into the world of boxing.

Our sessions cover everything from Abdominal training to Defensive Techniques, Offensive Techniques, Ringcraft Tactics, and Footwork development. These elements combine to provide a comprehensive roadmap for developing your boxing skills on the Gold Coast.

The Boxing Technical class emphasizes lower volume but focuses on refining the execution of various technical and tactical components of boxing. Meanwhile, the Boxing Circuit class starts with technical development and concludes with a fun, engaging circuit. Participants rotate through different partner drills and exercises, making it one of the most dynamic boxing classes on the Gold Coast.

What to expect

  • 60-75 minute class
  • Fun orientated warm-up/ cool down games and drills (get excited).
  • Flexibility/ Stretching to prevent injury and increase performance.
  • Abdominal training.
  • Footwork Patterns/ Tactics
  • Defensive movements and variations.
  • Striking combinations and punch technique.
  • Head movement Drills and patterns.
  • Ringcraft Drills and understanding how to use the ring as a tool.
  • Bag work Drills
  • Partner Work drills
  • Padwork
  • Detection/ reaction drills
  • Speed Training
  • Light body sparring
  • Low & Medium intensity sparring drills to suit apply Specific techniques that are the class focus. (Under supervision, Subject to experience).

Boxing classes on the Gold Coast

Kids Boxing Class

Your Childs first training experiences will shape their adult years more than you might think. In these classes we teach the kids skills through play based training using games as a way to create positive learning experiences. The young athletes will be in an environment where they can interact with peers and Their coach building confidence, skills and emotional intelligence.    

What to expect

  • 45 minute Class
  • Build confidence
  • Increase in ability to Regulate emotions
  • Interaction with other kids
  • Interaction with Coach
  • Skill development
  • Accomodate the needs of your child
  • Develop a higher level of self-awareness
  • Building a happy and positive young Individual 

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Boxing classes on the Gold Coast

Sparring Classes

The Sparring class presents an oppotunity to apply skills learned in the Technical boxing classes. Sparring sessions are tailored to each individual’s level of ability and needs, under the guidance of our Boxing Coach, Liam Keats.

We offer a strong community culture focused on humility and integrity, guiding all members progress towards their goals through our classes and private training. Sparring intensity is closely and carefully managed to ensure safety of all students.

Sparring intensity is strictly managed to suit each and every individual’s experience and ability to build up confidence. Our more experienced members are educated to work with each other and act as guides in our community. We create a strong  culture fouced on community, humility and intergrity  ensuring all members are treated equally and can progress within their own goals and aspirations through our classes and private training

Note: *Contact Sparring is OPTIONAL, If you’re you are looking to learn authentic Boxing but do not wish to spar we will be sure to cater for your needs.*

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